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8 Necessary Things to Look for When Buying a Phone for Seniors

Buying a Phone for Seniors

There have been several new enhancements and changes to the market of senior-friendly devices. Telephones have turned out to be sleeker, have longer enduring batteries, and have extra benefits. Home Care Agency Philadelphia have discussed a few questions you need to ask the retailer before buying a phone for your loved one.

1. Does the Telephone Have an Emergency Call Button?

There are several Senior Friendly Cell Phones do have an emergency or a panic button found on the device. The important question is can seniors find the emergency easily.

2. What Is the Normal Battery Life?

Nobody loves a phone with a battery that must be charged various times every day. The battle should not drain within a few hours, especially when seniors use it as a security device. You should buy a phone with no less than an entire day of usage on a single charge. Make sure the charging line effectively connects to the telephone without much exertion. Buy an extra charging cord just in case.

3. Is the Keypad Simple to Use With Large Keys?

Different considerations for the keypad. Ensure that it is backlit, have keys which your loved one can press easily, and look uncomplicated.

4. Is the Telephone a Decent Ergonomic Fit in the Hand?

Seniors may experience difficulty if a telephone is big or too small. It is a decision based on preferences. Your loved one may not hold or use it if he or she can't handle it properly. Ask your loved one whether he or she feels comfortable to use a flip telephone or cell phone.

5. What Networks Are Supported?

Often it's smarter to think about the network first. Many phones are available with their own particular carrier. You will stay on a budget if you buy a phone with normal talk rates.

6. Are the Volume Settings Loud in Case Your Loved One Has an Impaired Hearing?

Many senior-friendly mobile phones throughout the years have loud and boisterous ringtones. The phone companies build a loudspeaker telephone option for seniors. They have the capacity to enhance the conversation when held to the ear. It is necessary for seniors to try out before you buy a phone for them to check the sound.

7. Does This Telephone Have Built-In Fall Detection Technology?

There are few telephones today that offer fall detection built into the telephone. There are many apps that can detect a fall when you are looking for a cell phone to buy. There are several medical alert systems in cell phones offering versatile (GPS) choices.

8. What Is the Monthly Cost for This Telephone Or the Plan You Ought to Chose?

It relates to the usage plan you want to pick or find suitable for your loved one. If you are buying insurance, then figure out the plan as well. Discover what happens when you go over the allotted minutes.

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