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4 Fascinating Activities for Seniors with Parkinson’s

Philadelphia Home Care

Seniors who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease might face trouble accomplishing daily tasks or with other problems. However, it should not mean seniors should stop doing the things they love or feel passionate about. Seniors may slow the rapid progression of Parkinson’s by indulging in a few fun-filled, physical activities which can be beneficial for their mental health and wellbeing. Here are a few examples of safe physical activities seniors can do who have Parkinson’s disease.

1. Walking

One of the best ways to increase cognitive abilities for seniors is to start walking. You can transform this simple exercise into an amazing social activity by creating a plan for a walking adventure with everyone involved. Drive your elderly loved one to a nearby place where he or she can hike or walk in open air. You can also take seniors to a nice museum where they can feel enamored by the beautiful collection and walk at the same time. Walking may help seniors ease the motor symptoms related to Parkinson’s.

Seniors who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or have limited mobility might need extra help with walking or accomplishing daily tasks. A Philadelphia home care company can offer caregivers who can help seniors live safely at home.

2. Singing

Seniors with Parkinson’s disease may experience speech impairment. As Parkinson’s progresses in seniors, their voice can become harder for family caregivers to understand and they might have to repeat a few times. Singing can be a fun and easy way for seniors with Parkinson’s disease to enhance their voice quality. Seniors might also control voice tremors by singing daily to their favorite songs. Family caregivers can motivate their senior loved one to sing songs regularly or thrice a week. You can plan an at-home concert by inviting all your family members to make it even more exciting.

3. Playing Board Games

It is an exciting and beneficial activity for seniors who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which can allow them to trigger some areas of the brain. Seniors can strengthen their short-term memory by playing board games with their family members and friends. It is important for seniors to maintain short-term memory because Parkinson’s may trigger forgetfulness or develop the risk of dementia among seniors. If you observe your senior loved one is good at playing board games, try another game.

4. Reading Books

Some seniors who used to love reading their favorite books might find it depressing if they are unable to hold a book in their hands or turn the pages over. Family caregivers can buy audio books for their elderly loved one so he or she can listen to it and doesn’t miss out on their favorite authors. Seniors can also enjoy reading in a book club to enhance their mental functions, mood, and speech.

Looking after a senior loved one with Parkinson’s can be a tiring task for some family caregivers who have no prior training. Family caregivers who find it hard to manage the daily activities of their elderly loved one can greatly benefit from expert home care. Philadelphia family caregivers who need a much needed break from their caregiving duties can provide great help.

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